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Smart Packing Tips to Save Space

It is time for that wonderful trip that you’ve been looking forward to. But here comes the dreadful part; packing. A lot of people postpone packing until the last minute because it is such an annoying task. You don’t want to leave anything behind, yet you are not free to take whatever you want. How can you pack smartly? How can you make sure that everything you’ve packed can be easily found?
Here are some tips that you might want to try on your next trip:

• Always write a list before you actually start packing. You’ll be surprised by how much this can actually help you avoid carrying things that you won’t need. This helps you plan your outfits so you can get away with packing the least number of items which can be worn differently.

• Jewelry items can be tricky to pack. Instead of packing your fancy jewelry box, you can keep track of your earrings by fastening them through buttons. This way, you will never lose an earring. You can also use pills organizers to store small jewelry items.

• Use 2 layers of cling sheet or plastic wrap to store your bracelets, necklaces, and chains. This will keep them in shape and will protect them from tangling.

• Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Don’t worry; this method will not cause your clothes to crease and wrinkle beyond repair.

• Stack your bras on top of each other and fill one cup with your underpants. Fold the other cup over and you’ll have a small ball that won’t occupy much space in your suitcase or handbag. This method also protects your bras and helps maintain their shape.

• Stuff your sneakers and shoes with socks, underpants, facial wash containers and anything that you are sure won’t burst. This will save space and will maintain the shape of your shoes. Put your shoes in shower caps to protect your clothes from getting in touch with the dirty shoe soles.

• Put your perfume bottles and cream containers inside your socks. This will protect them from accidentally breaking and ruining the contents of your suitcase.

• Use an old lip balm containers or your old contact lenses case to carry a small amount of your foundation. For powder makeup, pack some cotton pads or cotton balls inside the container. This will protect it from accidentally breaking.

• Use a small piece of plastic wrap to protect the contents of your shower gel, shampoo, shaving cream or any similar products. Unscrew the lid and wrap the plastic sheet on top then screw the lid back on. If the lid pops open because of a change in pressure, the contents will not ruin everything you have.

• Don’t just leave your chargers and wires tangled inside the bag. This might ruin them forever. Wrap them gently and put them all in one small bag. You can also stuff them in your shoes or boots.
These easy tips will make packing more enjoyable and practical. Give them a try on your next trip.

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