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How to Lose Those Extra Winter Pounds

Well, if you have been packing on pounds during winter then you’re not alone. Winter will be over before you know it and then comes summer with its unforgiving and revealing outfits.

Here are some easy tips that will help you get in shape fast:

• Drink more water. Water helps you flush the toxins out of your system and regulates your digestive functions.
• Sleep more. Did you know that not getting enough sleep can actually make you eat more? Always have a healthy light snack 2 hours before going to bed.
• Walk when you can. We know that you might not have enough time to hit the gym. But exercising can be as simple as walking for 30 minutes per day. Try to walk to the grocery store or to the laundry.
• Eat more. A lot of people starve themselves when they are trying to lose weight. This actually puts the body into the starvation mode where it tends to save every calorie. Instead, break your meals. Have 6 small meals instead of 3.

If you can ditch the junk food and move a little bit more, you are going to get in shape fast. But these easy to follow tips are very useful when you are trying to get ready for the beach.

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