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How Can a Sydney Criminal Solicitor Help You?

Understanding How a Criminal Solicitor Works Within the Legal System

The legal system can be incredibly complex at times. Even to the point of becoming outright intimidating. But at the same time, we can’t let it remain so. We’re all a part of the larger society as a whole. And we all have our part to play in the legal and cultural system. That’s why it’s important to understand some of the more significant roles within the Australian legal system. This is true not just because it has impact in our lives. It’s equally important to stay informed because it might prove to be an interesting career path.


This is especially true for the role of Sydney criminal lawyers. It’s not the easiest position to understand at first. But when one does it’s plain to see that criminal solicitors are one of the foundations of the modern legal system. And this understanding can even translate to other legal systems. This is in large part due to the ways in which a strong legal defence has spread to most of the western world.


Sydney, Australia, and the Western world in general, tend to inherit rather heavily from the British legal system. This is why there’s both a defence and prosecution – either a police prosecutor, or the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), in play in criminal cases. The defence role is usually divided between solicitors and barristers. Sometimes the role is firmly defined. One person might only practice within one of the two areas. Others might want to work within both.


But either way, the solicitors serve a vital function within the legal system. They’re the backbone supporting an idea that people are innocent until proven guilty – beyond reasonable doubt. The prosecution will try to find any evidence they can to showcase someone’s overall guilt. But the criminal defence solicitor’s role comes from defending against those arguments while also suggesting that the accused couldn’t have been a part of any given crime in the first place.


But it is the prosecution which must prove its case. If it falls short of doing so, then the defence may not even need to go into evidence. If the defendant does call evidence, he or she does not need to prove anything. The defence only needs to raise an arguable possibility of a scenario which is inconsistent with guilt. That is the role of a great criminal solicitor in Sydney.


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