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Avoid Night Sweats: Use a Cooling Mattress Pad

Do you wake up in the middle of the night profusely sweating? Night sweats can prevent you from getting your regular eight hours of sleep and this can bring on exhaustion and illnesses.

Your mattress may not have the desired cushioning, heating or cooling materials built-in, and you need a good quality mattress pad that can offer you both cooling and heating. A mattress pad can give you a better night’s sleep, control night sweats, and cushion your bones and joints.

Mattress pads are multifunctional. They are designed to protect your mattress, keep your bedsheets in place, provide extra cushioning, keep you warm or cool, or help a sagging mattress.

Why You Need A Cooling Mattress Pad

Mattresses accumulate heat and warm you up as you sleep. Warmth is great during winter months, but if you sweat while sleeping, the moisture remains on the mattress and you wake up feeling damp. An electric cooling mattress pad disperses, gets rid of heat and stops you from feeling sticky.

Warm mattresses are uncomfortable in the summer months for the same reason they keep you warm in winter – trapped body heat. An active cooling pad for your bed uses different materials to keep you cool. Cool pads are equipped with control units that keep you at the optimum temperature as you sleep. Several of these cooling pads are fully customizable. You use the temperature you want to stay cool and dry.

Types of Cooling Mattress Pads Available?

There are also passive cooling mattress pads made with gel-infused foam that absorbs and transfer body heat without any electricity. These types of pads are made from naturally cooling materials that include:

  • Gel-infused memory foam or a material treated with chemicals to be soft and temperature responsible.
  • Latex made from the sap of rubber trees
  • Duck and goose feathers
  • Wool

You can also purchase foam mattress pads that have special covers made with phase-changing material. Materials that are phase-changed developed to absorb body heat up to a particular point, then stop retaining body heat. These toppers have the ability to create comfortable sleeping surfaces to keep sleepers cool for the entire night.

One company offers a mattress pad that is almost like a fitted sheet but uses modern technology to keep you cool. The technology absorbs heat when you are overheated and releases it when you are cold. You won’t get night sweats with this cooling mattress pad.

You can also purchase pillowtop mattress pads that offer soft cushioning but has technology to keep you cool all night. The outside of the pad is made from 350 thread count cotton fabric and the fill is 100% polyester.

Don’t suffer from night sweats. Look for a cooling mattress pad.

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